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Custom Design

Do you have a piece of jewellery in mind that you would like to have created? Perhaps a redesign of a ring you'd love to wear again? Or a family ring with special gemstones or gold that you would like to reuse in a new design? This is the type of Custom Design we love to do and that we excel at. We work with all karats of gold, silver and platinum, diamonds and gemstones. We'll also work with your schedule or time-frame to ensure you have your piece of jewellery exactly when you need it! 

Custom designing jewellery with Magpie means you are part of every step during the process. It's easier than you might think. 

First, meet with a member of our design team who will create a sketch of your jewellery idea. Be creative! Feel free to bring in images
for inspiration!

Second, our Goldsmith will provide a price quote to produce your original jewellery piece.

Third, after your approval, Magpie will have a 3 dimensional wax version of your design carved so you can get a better idea of the completed piece. At this point, if applicable, we will begin looking for the perfect gemstones to set in your design.

Fourth, once you have selected your stones, approved the wax carving and price quotation, our local Goldsmith will bring your creation to life!

Come in to any of our locations and meet with our staff to begin the Custom Design process or email us at: to find out more.  

  Magpie Jewellery is a also a proud member of both the CJA & the CDCC


Ethical Diamonds, Gemstones, Rough Diamonds

Magpie Jewellery believes in ethical and conflict free diamonds. 

We source our diamonds from Canadian mines which are governed by Canada's strict policies on labour and environment. According to the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct, each of our diamonds are:

  • Verified to be mined in Canada
  • Responsibly mined
  • Ethically sourced
  • Individually verified
  • Professionally graded
Each diamond purchase comes with a GIA ir IGI Cerfiticate or Diamond Grading Report and a Canadian Diamond Authentication Plate.


Recycled Metals

Eco-friendly jewellery is always an option! Whenever we can we use recycled metals in our custom design. Once refined and purified these metals have exactly the same composition as precious metal mined directly from the earth. If this is important to you in your custom design let us know!

There are no additional costs with having a custom piece of jewellery made and all consultations are complimentary. To get started email  or talk to us at any of our three Magpie Jewellery locations. We will be happy to set up an appointment for a complimentary consultation with a member of our design team.